Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Veterans with PTSD

braine imageIt is quite frustrating that many people working in the field as mental health workers are still unsure or unaware of the research-based protocols and treatments out there that have been found to be successful in helping severe PTSD. Here is an article that can explain the importance of treating PTSD and trauma with exposure treatments. Prolonged Exposure therapy has been shown to be extremely effective in working with veterans and still many practitioners do not use it or know about it. Please spread the word if you know someone who is getting therapy now for their PTSD and is a veteran. Clients should be empowered to feel free to ask their therapist if they are doing evidence-based work with them and ask if they are doing PET or not.

Prolonged exposure therapy for combat-related Post-traumatic stress disorder: An examination of treatment effectiveness for veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

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